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Special Rotis (Bread)
(Pol Roti) Coconut Roti

Pol Roti is also known as coconut roti is a Sri Lankan roti recipe(a type of rustic flatbread) that is made up of flour, grated coconut with diced green chilies and onions for extra texture.


Parathas are simple flatbreads that are made with whole wheat (or atta) flour and just a few other simple ingredients. A soft dough is prepared by hand, formed and flattened, and then folded several times to create lots of flaky layers

Garlic Butter Naan

Buttery Garlic Naan Bread is pillowy soft, chewy with crispy edges, and full of flavor. It's perfect for sopping up curry sauces!

Chicken Dishes
Devilled Chicken

Deep-fried small pieces of chicken, sautéed ginger-garlic along with a mix of vegetables (Red Onions, Red, Yellow & Green Peppers, Banana Peppers and tomato sauce.

Roast Chicken

Pieces of Roast Chicken , sautéed with Onions, Garlic and other Spices

Chicken Curry

Thick Chicken Curry, made with Spices, Garlic & Ginger.

A lip smacking Sri Lankan style chicken curry, authentically called Kukul Maas Curry is made with spices commonly used in the region like ..

Beef Dishes
Devilled Beef

Deep-fried small pieces of beef, sautéed ginger-garlic along with a mix of vegetables and tomato sauce.

Beef Curry

Special thick and creamy Beef Curry

Pork Dishes
Devilled Pork

Deep-fried small pieces of pork, sautéed ginger-garlic along with a mix of vegetables and tomato sauce.

Pork Curry

Special thick Pork Curry

Black Pork Curry

Black pork curry is the most famous Sri Lankan pork dish that everyone loves. The fatty pork pieces cooked in aromatic spices in low heat.

Lamb Dishes
Lamb Curry

The vibrant colors in this dish are really eye-catching. This stunning Lamb Curry uses the Sri Lankan seasoning is the star of the show but all the side support acts really make this dish pop! This is definitely a bit of a show stopper and 100% worth the effort, and wait!

Deviled Lamb

Deep-fried small pieces of Lamb, sautéed ginger-garlic along with a mix of vegetables and tomato sauce.

Mutton ( Goat)
Mutton Curry

Mutton curry also referred to as goat curry is a meat curry with deep flavours.

Cooked with everyday Sri Lankan spices, this Mutton(goat)curry has a thick gravy bringing about extra depth and colour, the Mutton is cooked until tender and flavoured perfectly.

Rabbit Dish
Roasted Garlic Rabbit Curry

Rabbit is a firm meat carries the mix of herbs and spices and absorbs without being swamped. Rabbit curry has a hit of green chilli for that hit of warmth.

From The Ocean
Deviled Fish

Deep fried small pieces of Fish, sautéed ginger Garlic along with Mix vegetable and tomato sauce

Fish Mud Curry

Special Fish ( Tune Steak) Curry with Thick Gravy

Stire fried Karawala ( Dry Salted Fish)

Karawala is a municipality in the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region of Nicaragua. Karawala. Municipality. Karawala is located in Nicaragua. Karawala.


Sri Lankan dried sprats fry in tomatoes and onions. When you think of Sri Lankan village type rice and curry a tempered sprat fry is a must in the menu.

Prawn Curry

Authentic Sri Lankan Prawn Curry (Shrimp Curry) where the shrimp heads are cooked first in a rich and aromatic curry base to coax out the full depth of flavor, and the shrimp body is cooked just long enough so that it’s tender and juicy and coated with that thick, luscious sauce/gravy.

Deviled Prawns

Deep fried prawns, sautéed Ginger & Garlic along with tomato sauce

Deviled Cuttlefish

Deep fried small pieces of Cuttlefish, sautéed ginger Garlic along with Mix vegetable and tomato sauce

From The Garden
Potato White Curry Or Tempered (Deviled)

Potato Curry (ala kiri hodi) - Potato curry in a creamy gravy made with Coconut milk. One of the best potato curry recipes you will ever taste

Deviled Potato - A dry potato curry is also known as”ala theldala” in Sinhalese is a devilled potato curry you can enjoy with all of your favorite meals.

Brinjal (Egg Plant ) Pickle

Deep-fried Egg Plant Brinjal/Eggplant is known as Wambatu in Sri Lanka and this brinjal curry is basically fried brinjal/eggplant mixed with spices and coconut milk


Tempered with red onion and garlic or creamy coconut thick curry

Dal Curry

Sri Lankan Style Dal is made with coconut milk and curry leaves, which gives it a creamier texture, and a smoother softer flavor.

Green Beans

Authentic, village-style, Vegan Sri Lankan green bean curry

Green beans are gently cooked in a mild, warming spiced coconut sauce in this beautiful Sri Lankan recipe from Kolamba in Soho. It's also quick and simple

Cashew Curry

This creamy, mellow cashew curry recipe is often the one soothing element—besides rice, of course—in an otherwise fiery Sri Lankan meal.

Pineapple Curry

A coconut milk Pineapple curry cooked in 30 minutes. The fruit curry fits into all types of diets as well, from vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free to low-carb.

Mallum - Kale

Mallung or mallum, is a shredded vegetable Sri Lankan dish that comprises lightly cooked/sautéed greens, with fresh coconut and any number of spices and chili. Mallung is a common condiment and is eaten at almost every meal

Mango Curry

Mango curry, raw green mangoes, peeled and cut into fours and then cooked in water spiced with cinnamon, red chilli powder and sugar.

Green Apple Curry

A warm, sweet, spicy Green Apple Curry dish that transforms the sourness of green apples with the earthy spiciness and robust flavours of Sri Lankan roasted ...

Coconut Sambol

Made with grated coconut, red onion, green chili, crushed chili pieces, Maldives fish, and tomato.

Seeni Sambol

Made with Red onions, Curry leaves, cloves & cardamom sautéed sugar, tamarind juice & crushed chili


A delicious and creamy baked cardamom spiced coconut custard and sweetened with unrefined Jaggery or sugar! A rich pudding of Malay origin made of coconut milk, brown palm sugar, cashew nuts, eggs, and various spices including cinnamon, cloves cardamom, and nutmeg.

Kiri Pani

Yogurt with palm honey

Caramel Pudding

Milk made Carmel pudding

Chocolate Biscuit Pudding

Made with Cocoa Powder & Cashews

Sri Lankan style Fruit Salad with Condense Milk or Ice Cream

"Sri Lankan fruit salad with papayas, pineapples, mangoes, bananas and Dragon Fruit and topped with a Condense Milk or Ice Cram"